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Spanish Summer courses


Further information


The price includes all course materials, our test to identify the correct level, direct communication with the teacher, and level evaluations at the end of the course.

All students receive an attendance certificate at the end of the course to show that at least 90% of the course has been completed.

The programme of studies for our courses is based on the Plan Curricular del Instituto Cervantes, which refers to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) of the Council of Europe

– A1 Beginner. (Introductory level.)

– A2 Basic. Survival level. (Elementary knowledge.)

– B1 Lower Intermediate. (Basic speaking and understanding ability.)

– B2 Higher Intermediate. (Improved speaking and understanding ability.)

– C1 High level. (Competent speaking and good understanding.)

– C2 Advanced level. (Good speaker of the language – completely fluent.)

All students have to do a small Spanish level test before starting the course in order to know their Spanish needs and to organize a perfect Study plan.

Lessons are completely online and live through Skype. You will have the same native teacher from the beginning of the course who will follow your progress and will help you during the whole course.

In case the Internet connection fails irretrievably during a class, Spanish Code® will give the student an additional class to compensate for the loss.  If interruptions in communication are the result of technical difficulties relating to technical difficulties of the student’s computer or Internet connection, Spanish Code® will attempt, in the first instance, to reschedule the class so that the student does not miss out.  If the situation repeats itself on successive occasions, the student will miss this class.

 You may reserve the course as much as 20 days in advance, and a minimum of 24 hours before it is to begin.

The reservation is made when payment for the course is made. Once payment has been received, we will contact you directly to send you the agreed Study timetable.

Payment will be made by bank order.

Course payment: 

            1 month €216 

             2 months €384

             3 months €504

The bank transfer must include your first and family names.  When we have received proof that the transfer has been made, we will reserve your classes without waiting for the money to reach our account.

                 Bank details: 


*Spanish Code® is not responsible for bank transfer costs. The course will not be available to those who have not paid the total course costs due.

Once we receive proof of payment, your course will be reserved and all the course material will be sent for the days you have chosen.